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  Cruising Vs Land Based Vacations  

Cruise Vs Land Vacation


Cruising is truly an outstanding vacation experience.  According to a survey by CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) cruise vacations have a higher percentage of satisfied customers than any other vacation experience.  Most past passengers said cruises provide more pampering; offer more fine dining opportunities, provide guests with more opportunities to relax and get away, and are easier to plan and arrange when compared with other vacation types. 


Cruising with groups have become a real boon for the industry and offer flexibility and lower cost than land based facilities.  You can plan your Family/Class Reunions aboard a cruise ship and have your entire reunion catered with individualized and personal attention so you can leave the stress of planning and maintaining order and enjoy your reunion on board a cruise ship that is loaded with activities.  Corporate Meeting planners have jumped on this bandwagon as well, realizing that most ships now have the latest and greatest technology for all their audio and visual needs at their disposal.  Some have chartered entire ships for company outings and seminars at sea, a big plus is that most ships now have meeting rooms available to accommodate small, medium and large events.  These are usually at a much lower cost than they are used to with land based meeting venues.  With activities such as golf, rock climbing, ice skating, inline skating, fitness centers, spas etc these offer networking while enjoying your favorite activities with team members. 


Personal service is Invaluable-getting a “good deal” is sometimes no bargain at all when your desires aren’t taken into consideration.  There are many things to consider such as location of the best beaches for snorkeling and diving, sunbathing.  A cruise is much more than just a trip.  It is an overall travel experience that deserves professional and individualized attention to those matters that count the most to you, your time and money and enjoyment factor.  This is where the personal service provided by a Cruise Specialist stands head and shoulders above “discount” cruise sellers.  The good news is that you can take advantage of this high level of service while still getting the best rates. 


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